From Antalya Airport to Rixos Hotel Belek

Belek is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, connected to the province of Antalya. It is generally famous for its luxurious and high-standard holiday amenities. There are many famous hotels in Belek. These hotels are usually in the form of complexes located on the coastline and spread over large areas. Belek hotels usually offer the following facilities: Ultra All-Inclusive Concept: Most Belek hotels provide services with an ultra all-inclusive concept. This means that your stay completely covers your holiday expenses. Amenities such as food, drinks, activities and some water sports are usually included in the price.

Golf Course and Other Activities: Belek is famous for its golf courses, which are recognized worldwide. Many hotels provide access to golf courses, and some have their own courses. In addition, hotels usually offer a number of activities, such as tennis courts, spa centers, swimming pools, children’s clubs and night entertainment areas. Stylish Accommodation: Hotels in Belek usually have luxurious and stylish accommodation. They offer a variety of options, from standard rooms to suites. Private accommodation options such as sea view rooms and a villa with a private pool can also be found. 

Restaurants and Bars: There are many different restaurants and bars on site. A wide range of dining options are offered, from international cuisine to Turkish cuisine. In addition, beach bars and nightclubs are also available. 

Child-Friendly Services: Belek hotels usually offer child-friendly services. Facilities such as children’s clubs, playgrounds and childcare services are ideal for families with children. Among the hotels in Belek there are well-known and popular options such as Rixos Premium Belek, Titanic Deluxe BelekRegnum Carya Golf & Spa ResortMaxx Royal Belek Golf Resort. Each of them offers unique amenities and comfort. It is important to choose the one that best suits your holiday plans and preferences. 

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