Passenger Transport and Service Agreement

ARTICLE 1- THE PARTIES ARTICLE 1.1- SELLER Title: ZEUS TRANSFER Address: Kışla Mahallesi Güllük Caddesi No:26/11 Muratpaşa/Antalya


Hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”.

ARTICLE 1.2- BUYER The buyer of the passenger transportation ticket on, the person named in the reservation according to the information entered on this website, and the person who will receive the passenger transportation service. Hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”.

If the credit card holder and the person who will receive the service subject to the reservation are different persons, both the person who owns the credit card for which the booking fee has been paid and the person who will receive the service are considered parties to this agreement. According to this agreement, both persons declare and undertake that they will fulfill the rights and obligations arising from this agreement by gaining the title of buyer.

The buyer declares and undertakes that the information provided is accurate, that they will comply with all the rules set out in this agreement during the service provided, and that they will perform all actions as stipulated in this agreement.

ARTICLE 2- WEBSITE The address of the website where the seller sells the “passenger transportation service” under this agreement is Hereinafter referred to in this agreement as the “website”.

ARTICLE 3- SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT The subject of this agreement is to determine the procedures and principles related to the sale of passenger transportation services provided electronically by the seller through the website and the provision of the passenger transportation service to the buyer. In this regard, the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection (the “Law”) and the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014 (the “Regulation”) are referred to.

ARTICLE 4- INFORMATION AND DELIVERY OF GOODS / PRODUCTS / SERVICES SUBJECT TO THE CONTRACT The services subject to this agreement are the sale of services related to the carriage of passengers by car on the website and the provision of passenger transportation services to the buyer who has made an electronic reservation on behalf of the buyer. As soon as the buyer completes the service order specified in this agreement through the website, the service subject to the contract is deemed to have been delivered. After delivery, the buyer is considered to have accepted and committed to complying with the rules contained in the contract and performing all actions as stipulated.

ARTICLE 5- BUYER’S COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY The buyer gives the necessary electronic confirmation that they have read and are fully informed about the basic qualities of the passenger transportation service subject to this agreement, the rules of passenger transportation, the cost of sale and payment method, as well as delivery. The buyer agrees and undertakes that they have read this agreement and the rules for transporting passengers at the time of booking, and that they will comply with all the rules contained in the agreement and perform all actions as stipulated.

The buyer agrees and undertakes that if they do not comply with the rules set out in this agreement, the seller may terminate this agreement without any notification, with all rights reserved. All damages caused by the buyer’s non-compliance with this agreement belong to the buyer.

The services purchased under this agreement are for the personal use of the person named in the reservation and cannot be transferred to another person. The buyer agrees and undertakes that the information entered on the website is correct and that they have purchased the service for use by the person specified in the reservation. If it is determined that the person specified in the reservation and the person who wants to receive the service are different, the buyer agrees and undertakes that the seller has no responsibility arising from this agreement and may terminate this agreement without any notice.

ARTICLE 6- RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL The buyer has no right to withdraw due to the fact that the articles of the Regulation under the heading “Third Part” regulating the “Exercise of the Right of Withdrawal and the Fulfillment of the Obligations of the Parties” do not apply to “Passenger Transportation Services”.


  1. Reservations belong to one person and cannot be transferred to another.
  2. No changes are made to the reservation after the scheduled departure time, the reservation is not canceled, and the fee is not refundable.
  3. The Seller reserves the right to make any changes to the route.
  4. All kinds of disputes related to transportation are resolved in accordance with the MER tariff conditions and Turkish Laws and Regulations in the Courts of Antalya.
  5. Flights may be stopped due to problems that develop outside the control of the seller. The seller is not responsible for any costs or negatives, including transportation, accommodation, and food costs, that may arise from these and similar delays and cancellations that are beyond the seller’s control.
  6. The carrier cannot be held responsible for the passenger’s belongings lost in the vehicle.
  7. The service fee is only for transportation between departure and destination points and the embargoes on the reservation are absolutely not subject to change. It does not cover other services offered by the seller unless a fee is charged for them.
  8. If the fee is paid in a currency other than the currency in which it was announced, the reservation will be evaluated at the Central Bank’s Exchange Rate on the date of purchase.
  9. A specific seat number is not guaranteed in the vehicle.
  10. If a passenger’s behavior in the vehicle endangers any person or property, or if they do not follow the instructions of the vehicle staff or prevent the vehicle staff from performing their duties, the seller may take any action it deems necessary to prevent the continuation of this behavior, including restraining the passenger.
  11. The seller will be responsible only if the passenger or baggage is damaged due to his own fault. If the passenger has a contributing fault, the seller’s liability may be reduced or removed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.
  12. The seller cannot be held responsible for damage to fragile and perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, securities or other valuable commercial papers, passports, and other identifications in luggage.
  13. The seller is not responsible for carrying a passenger whose age, mental or physical condition poses a risk or hazard to themselves or any disease, injury, or disability, including death, due to the deterioration of the conditions mentioned above.

ARTICLE 8- REFUSAL AND RESTRICTION OF TRANSPORTATION The seller may refuse to transport passengers and/or passenger baggage for safety reasons or in the following and similar situations at his discretion:

  • Passenger behavior, age or mental or physical condition,
  • If it requires special assistance from the seller,
  • In case it causes inconvenience and objections from other passengers or poses any risk or danger to other persons or goods,
  • If the passenger’s non-compliance with the seller’s instructions makes such a refusal necessary,
  • In the event that passengers are under the influence of intoxicating substances and/or drugs, they arrive at the boarding point in such a way as to affect the safety and comfort of other passengers and the track.

The cost of service will not be refunded to passengers whose transportation was refused by the seller, and no compensation will be paid in any way.


  1. It is forbidden to carry firearms and ammunition used for hunting and sports purposes as baggage. Firearms and ammunition intended for hunting and sports purposes can be considered as registered baggage to the extent that it complies with the rules of the carrier. Firearms must be sealed, without ammunition, and properly packaged.
  2. The seller may refuse to carry any object as baggage due to its size, shape, weight, and nature.
  3. The seller may refuse to transport the baggage if it is not placed in bags and suitcases or other suitable containers to ensure safe transportation in its normal state.
  4. Passengers have a free baggage allowance.
  5. At the destination point, passengers can pick up their luggage after all the luggage has been unloaded from the vehicle.
  6. Prohibited substances such as drugs are absolutely not transportable. If it is determined that such items have been transported, the responsibility lies entirely with the carrier.


  1. Animals with valid vaccinations and health certificates may be accepted for transportation provided that the seller has agreed in advance.
  2. Acceptance of animal transportation depends on the fact that the passenger assumes full responsibility for this animal.


  1. The services purchased under this agreement may not be requested from the seller to change the passenger, date, time, and destination information in any way. The buyer agrees and undertakes that they will not change the services they have purchased under this agreement in any way after the confirmation of the sale and will not request a refund.
  2. The passenger who is not allowed to board the vehicle by the competent authorities and cannot travel will not be refunded the service fee.


  1. All rights and powers of the website subject to this agreement belong to ZEUS TRANSFER, and the person who enters and uses the site is deemed to have accepted the terms of use and agreement of the site. ZEUS TRANSFER reserves the right to change any information on the site, including the terms of the contract. The changes will take effect as soon